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Thread: What do you do for work? How does lupus effect your job?

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    I am a schoolteacher who works with students diagnosed as having learning disabilities (I prefer to say Learning Differences). Last year the Lupus played havoc with my ability to perform well at work. It was the most frustrating year I've ever experienced--but gave me even more empathy for my students. I regularly forgot things, forgot names, misplaced paperwork, and missed appointments. Honestly, if I hadn't had to take off for neck surgery mid-year, I think I might have lost it. I am on medication now, but I'm still dreading this school year because I know stress wreaks havoc. I have a new principal this year, moved to a new campus, and we are picking up and moving to a brand new building mid-year to yet another campus. My teaching partner and good friend who helped keep me on track won't be with me this year. Now with my mom's illness thrown in the mix, not sure how things will go. Praying I can keep working because I love to teach and need the insurance. I am depending on God to put the stepping stones in place to get me through.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mica View Post
    I call myself medically retired. I'm 22 and can't work because i'm sick all the time. I want to though... so go you! I wish I could have found a job like some of yall seems more like something I could have handled but I used to work minimum wage job at Walmart plus college and basically ran myself down.

    Hey here's an idea of something I am doing..... I am not severe with an illness but I am stiff and muscle aches tht stop me dead in my tracks. My bones hurt so bad some days I just want to cry. So what I have decided to do is take something I am good at buying clothes and trying to create a business out of it. I also work temp jobs at good pay with full time hours. I have found that temp jobs are more laid back with less stress and if I need to take off its a less chance they will tell me no. I don't know many peoples circumstances but this could be a start. If you have a talent that you can create a business from GO FOR IT!!!

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