My name is Eileen, or Lee for short.
I was diagnosed some years ago w SLE, then Neuro, then undiagnosed lol, now I'm back to being diagnosed. Crazy isn't it?
During the time I was undiagnosed, I had a severe enough flare I or lupus attacked my pancreas again and Im now a type 1 diabetic as well.
I also have fibromyalgia, R.A. and epilepsy, no wait that's being re-evaluated again giggle.
Anyway, I'm 48, pretty active, happy I'm able to get around still an be independent, life is pretty darn good at the moment.
I've learned to live for each moment.

Excited about finding this group, after a small flare I was put on lose dose prednisone and dealing w migraine. Didn't put the 2 together till I found this forum.
So much still to learn.
Thanks for having me.

Eileen (lee)