i have been sick for 15 years with no answers until now. my rheumy diagnosed me with fibromyalgia and said i have borderline lupus, but she would not be treating me for lupus until my blood test results from today come back and she gets further confirmation, what the heck, . i was sure this visit would give me an answer as i am sick and tired of being sick and tired. I dont want to have lupus i just want to know what is wrong with me so i can try and get better. also i live in a very small town in alabama and have to travel 21/2 hours one way just to see her. i have been reading some of your posts and i have every symptoms and then some that you guys have and i have had a positive ana, high sed rate and crp levels are high, every other test was normal-i am so sick and have so much pain, especially knee pain i cant walk and no im not overweight. my newest symptom was a red scaly rash under my eye that has now turned black, literally, turned black overnight and i look like a racoon as the other eye seems to be turning too, my eyes hurt, are swollen, and are often dry, my feet also hurt which makes it difficult to walk, i literally need a wheelchair and im 43 years old. i am very depressed and have lots of anxiety from years of sickness. i think because i have not had a butterfly rash across my face she wont give me a diagnosis but i have had rashes for years that come and go and she knows this. if anybody can give me any advice i would greatly appreciate it. if this is fibromyalgia i have it is pure hell, but i dont have those trigger points that are spoken of and i told her this, i feel like a 90 year old woman and any advice would be greatly appreciated, kel