Hi there, my first post here and I'm not sure where to start,
I'm 43, based in the UK, married with 2 great kids.
I've had rashes (mainly on upper legs and upper arms and some on face) and joint pain plus problems with tiredness and lack of energy on and off for years. Over the last 5 years or so I have also developed a lot of new allergic reactions to things such as plants, hay fever, allergic rhinitis etc..
but all sort of liveable and not affecting me too much - most of it I was putting down to getting older. I have also had very high cholesterol which was diagnosed about 5 years ago which does not fit with my diet and weight/physique.
I had some real problems with being always blocked up in the nose and sinuses for years which had been put down to allergies and no medication cleared it up.
Then I started snoring badly so my wife made me go to the Dr about that as it looked like I ought to have something done to my sinus's plus that my tiredness could be coming from sleep apnoea and so was referred to hospital ENT where after consultation I was booked in and had a Septoplasty and Turbinate reduction procedure (not a pleasant experience I can tell you). When the operation was carried out the surgeon was concerned as she noticed that I had thinning and a perforation of the septum and said if I didn't have any improvement in 3 months then some more tests might need to be done.
I went back after the 3 months and of course no change - still blocked up and so I was sent for a number of blood tests.
Things were beginning to join together for me and so I took this point to make sure my consultant at the hospital was aware that my mother has SLE and she said that is interesting as that is one of the things that we will be testing for but she also suspected potential vasculitis.
The tests came back yesterday and most were negative apart from I tested positive for ANA (incl screen test showing speckled) and RF. So I have not had the 'official' diagnosis but will be seeing my GP next week who will probably refer me on to a specialist.
I suspect that it will take some time and too-ing and fro-ing before I get a diagnosis but I have spent my whole life in the shadow of my mothers SLE as she was diagnosed after a PE when giving birth to me.
Any thoughts, ideas, input etc would be much appreciated plus if any of you UK based members can recommend an good consultant then that would be appreciated.