Hello all!!

I am at a very frustrating point in my diagnosis, whatever the answers may be! I am a 26 yr old, mother of 3 little ones, and just relocated from the US to S.Asia!! In the last couple of years, I have experienced a HORRIBLE reaction to the heat from the sun. I become extremely sick to my stomach, extremely fatigued, and outrageous headaches. Never thought anything of it, kind of started to believe I was imagining it all somehow! We have now been in Asia for about 6 months, and after about a month and a half of being over here I started to really have some major frustrations!

I started to gain weight (35lbs total now), became extremely fatigued, and just developed an overall feeling of bad health. Like pain in my joints and muscles sooo bad, I cant do my hair for more than a couple minutes at a time. And forget about trying to scrub the shower!!! Anything that requires me to reach above my head even to just try and get a glass off a high shelf is extremely painful and exhausting.

So I made an appt with my GP to get my thyroid checked.(That was the only problem I suspected at the time) So she ordered a full work up of blood. Results came back with pretty bad neutropenia. Some other numbers were slightly elevated or slightly lowered, but nothing of too great a concern other that all my WBC.(I must point out, I was not ill or sickly in any way of cold or virus at the time around the blood tests) They then sent me to an oncologist and he quickly dismissed my problems, actually even stated I may want to get a referral to see a psychologist! :/ He did ask me to get my blood re-drawn in a few weeks. I actually pushed it off for abt 2 months, because once again, I thought maybe I was imagining all of this. But I finally went in because the most annoying of all my symptoms has been this awful lower left rib pain, in my back. I just wanted to see what I could do to make it go away. My new GP had ordered more labs before this appt just to get the new number. My WBC came up to a 4.1!(previously was at 2.0) So he was not bothered by that at all this time, but what did catch his eye was my ANA showed up positive with a speckled pattern.

He was very honest and couldnt really tell me anything about this result, not even the ratio, or anything else to go off of. But he did put me in for a referral for a Rhuematologist. (my RF was negative btw...)

So here I sit, just waiting for my appointment which is next Thursday and just wait for another doctor to scratch his head at my issues and send me off to someone else.
Please, can anyone tell me if they have been through anything similar? I know symptoms of Autoimmune disorders all kind of mimic eachother, but just thought it would be a good idea to post here, and see what all anyone had to say about it....