Hi all,

I have just had my meds increased and added to because of this massive flare I am in. Any advice or insight if you have dealt with the same thing is greatly appreciated.

I have been on 250mg/day of Aralen for as long as I can remember. Over the past few years I have dealt with an ectopic pregnancy, partial hysterectomy, GI tract issues, and of course the typical fatigue, aches and pains of lupus. More recently I have felt lifeless, lethargic and just plain ick all over. Feeling like one giant bruise and this all started after a bad fall where I threw my back out. That fall cost me three weeks off work and a big ol flare up. Oh and the rash! I have never had it anywhere but my face....now it is horrible on my face and my arms/shoulders and back....so miserable as my wedding is in 4 months and I look hideous

Sorry I kind of went off track there. My rheumy has just put me on 15mg/weekly of methotrexate, along with 10mg/daily of folic acid, 20mg/daily of elavil and my faithful 250mg/daily of Aralen. My first dose of MTX was on Friday, and I have felt fine...until early this mornin. I have been up on and off since 1am with nausea, cramping, chills, migraine and major body pain. Attempted work but went home after 2 hours (love my boss and how understanding he is). Anyways, are these side effects normal? I was expecting them the day after but not 5 days later...Doc advised that I could always split up my dosage for MTX and tak half in the morning and half at night if needed. Or, on my checkup we could switch to the injection if needed.

Any suggestions or advice on this new medication combo?