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    Default lupus and mental status

    Hi all , I am a 36 years old mom of 2 and have lupus ! it has been a long and difficult road the last year and the doctors have tried every treatment possible until recently I am now on a intravenous form of chemo instead of the methotrexate . the treatment seems to be working so far but recently my brain has had like brain fog and I have been seeing things and forgetting things and I saw on the forum that another lady was having similar experiences so I can totally relate to what she is referring too , as the same things have been happening to me that I imagined I had another illness that I did not even have , would forget where I was going while driving or get into the car and think what am I doing here? eventually it got worse and I started drinking and taking extra anti anxiety pills to help but just made it worse. eventually had total break down last week . My lupus specialist said that lupus can make you go psychotic and think things and see things that are not even there. I went to see psychiatrist and was in hospital for sleep therapy for 5 days and now on very strong drugs to try and help ! I am feeling better every day , but I cant be on these hectic meds forever as I am only 36 and thank goodness I a very supporting husband and family ! thanks for all your posts as I thought I was the only one feeling this way ! you have been a great help and I feel a huge relief that I am not the only one going through this.

    it is strange to think that so many of us suffer different side effects . My specialist said to me that a MRI or CT scan could most likely not even detect this , but at least I know now that some of you out there are going through the same thing as me !
    I know that I am taking a chance letting out all my true feelings and emotions on this site , but I trust that everyone on here has been through some form of depression or anxiety as I have and I know sometimes that's not what people want to hear.

    take care and god bless
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