Hello everyone, My name is Linda. I am 52 years old. I have autoimmune hepatitis confirmed; waiting on appointment with Rheumi doctor to confirm Lupus diagnosis. My oldest daughter (31) has confirmed diagnosis of Lupus; her daughter (11) has Lupus; She was also genetically tested and it came back with 3 out of 4 genetic markers for inherited Lupus (from me probably). I have two direct aunts with RA; two first cousins with RA; one first cousin with Sygrones syndrome (sp?); and 4 direct cousins/aunts with contractures in their hands. so the odds are I have Lupus as well....I just had blood work (primary doctor wanted to rule things out) for Lyme...received a positive on the RH factor, but everyother breakdown of the test was negative. She said people with autoimmune may have a false positive result. Has anyone else ran into this happening? She wants to put me on a month of antibiotics but I am concerned with my autoimmune symptoms it will throw me into a flare...what are your thoughts???