Thank you both for participating in this forum. I am always happy to have a male's perspective regarding this disease.
Rushman8, I am so happy that you have achieved remission. I pray that it will last for the rest of your life. Please do not take remission for granted, continue to take good care of yourself and avoid those things that could cause a flare up. My doctor told me, when I achieved remission, that, "Remission does not mean that you no longer have the disease, it simply means that you can now control it without medication!" So, continue to care for yourself :lol:

Brian; I know how insidious the cylce of stress and LUPUS can be. LUPUS, with all of its symptoms, causes emotional stress which then exacerbates the symptoms of the disease which, in turn, causes even more emotional stress! You sometimes may feel that it will never end! I just want you to know that there are so many of us who understand exactly what you are going through and who are here to help you whenever you need it! You, too, may achieve remission....I pray that you do!

Again, welcome to both of you and thank you both!