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Thread: Is it time for a new doctor?

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    I love to hear that a doctor does a thorough job. they are often too quick to jump to the basic possabilities... and look no further. it is great that you have a name... without question .... for what has been going on with your body.
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    Yes you know when I knew it was a possibility I took the idea of SLE very hard but now that I have the official diagnosis I am not as scared. I have actually embraced it and am relieved to know so now when I break out in hives and rashes instead of others fearing its contagious I can look at them proudly and say No it's Lupus. I did have a moment this week where I was sad. Because no matter what people say, the oh you will be ok I have to be realistic and remember there is always a possibility something may go wrong. Not to say it will, but why hype myself up that I can live a normal life but in reality sitting in the sun brings out the hives, rashes and swelling. But I am better now thy day is long and gone!

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