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Thread: Quick doctor question!!

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    Default Quick doctor question!!

    So my primary got me an appointment to apparently a great doctor in Lubbock. It's 2 hours away but if it helps I don't mind. I hate my rheumy and have been looking into other doctors but have been hesitant because she pretty much told me she would put in a bad word for me if I tried. Anyway I trust my primary and am very happy he did this for me. So it's been so long since I have ever been a new patient, what do I need to bring?
    I am not giving up my original rheumy yet in case this one doesn't work out but am looking into other doctors. So what would yall suggest I need to do and bring? Should I bring copies of my patient file from my rheumy?

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    At a minimum, bring all your test results-- blood work, and reports from biopsies, CT scans, ultrasounds, MRIs, etc. Also bring a list of your current medications and a list of medications you have taken for your autoimmune disease but no longer take, and why you stopped them.

    If you have rashes, lesions, ulcers, or the like, bring photos, especially if you're not in a flare right now. From my experience, doctors love when you bring photographic evidence.

    Your entire chart with chart notes could be useful to the new rheumatologist, but it's best to get that to her ahead of time. She won't be able to read it during your appointment, and it can help if she knows something about you and your medical case ahead of time.

    I also find it helpful to bring a list of my "top symptoms"-- that is, the symptoms that are most outstanding about my disease (I avoid listing every single teeny tiny tickle of a symptom because it seems like doctors' eyes glaze over when you "get into the weeds." I have a separate, full list of symptoms that I only break out if the doctor really wants to know everything.

    Also bring a list of questions you want to ask (I always will forget at least one question unless I have them written ahead of time). Also bring a pen and paper so you can jot down notes.

    That's what I can think off the top of my head. I hope this new rheumatologist works out for you!

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    Do a list of all your meds, past medical history, and other docs' names & addresses. Put all the information into a file on the computer. Update it when necessary, and take a copy with you to every doc visit & test...
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