I am 31 years old and i have had symptoms off and on for years. I suffered from seizures when I was younger and lost some of my hair. The docters didnt test for lupus beacause they felt that i was too young. I went through two very rough pregnancies undiagnosed which would regularly land me in the hopital due to different medical difficulties. However by the grace of God my son daughter made it here healthy and happy they are now ages 9 and 8. Things seemed to slow after that. I lost weight and got into shape, I went back to dancing and everything seemed to be fine. However, I started to get migranes more and more often to the point where not a week would go by without me having one and they would last for days until it would be, just one long migraine with a break of a day or two in between. My family took a trip to the beach and O.M.G. guys..........i had been sitting in the sun for about an hour and i couldnt take it anymore. I felt like i was going to die if i did not get off the beach right away. I felt weak and shaky and nauseaus and i felt like i had the flu it was awful. This feeling continued for the next couple of days and then gradually the nausea went away. I could get up and walk around , but i was still very weak. It took me a little while to build my strencth back up. I avouided the rest of the summer "heat" and threw off the hat in the fall when it was nice and cool. WRONG! all that time i thought it was the "heat". At this time im starting to suspect the sun. Iknew my aunt has Lupus so i start to research. Someone advised that i keep a symptom journal, so i did bc for the life of me i coudlnt remember anything when i got to my doctors appointments (which was another symptom.) So i kept the journal and brought it to my primamry and she took the proper blood test which came back suspicious. She then sent me to my Rheum. which confirmed that i had lupus and fibro which i hadnt heard of at the time. I am so relieved to finally put a name to the bucket of "symptoms" i had been carrying around for years.