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    Red face "Gray-Area" Lupus Newbie

    Hi All!

    I wanted to introduce myself. I have been recently diagnosed with "Gray-area" Lupus. My symptoms started 2.5 years ago. I was initially diagnosed with Fibromyalgia (sound familiar?), went to 11 different specialists in search of a diagnosis, ended up at a well-known teaching hospital and received a UCTD diagnosis. Was put on Plaquenil (my best friend), and was in remission for about a year.

    Two weekends ago went on a day-trip with my hubby on a beautiful sunny day and walked around several small cutesy towns. Next day.... BAM! It aaallll came back plus malar rash. To make a long story short, my arthritis doctor permanently referred me to a lupus doctor. After an initial pred taper, I was given a Triamcinolone (sp?) injection, and now I have a cold.

    I ask my doctor if he thinks I fall into the "Lupus" category. He said, "Well, the terms used for diagnoses are basically for research purposes, but the treatment is the same." He said I have UCTD that points to Lupus because of my increased immune activity and because I have some Lupus "markers". He said I'm in a gray area. To me, I think it's obvious. I have looked at diagnostic criteria for Lupus and there ya' go.

    Really, the name of what I have doesn't matter because it is true that my treatment is the same regardless of the name. If we can't get the flare under control, I may be put on CellCept. If I continue to have joint and muscle pains - Methotrexate and so on and so forth.

    Glad to be here. I have some questions to post that I hope someone can answer for me!


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