I was diagnosed with Sjogren's Syndrome in 2008, Celiac in 2010 and Lupus in 2011. I've been through the ringer with specialist (Neurologists, Nephrologists, Urologists, Rheumatologists, Dermatologists, etc.). I've been on countless meds since 2008 and nothing has fully calmed down my sjogrens/lupus as of yet. On top of that, I've become allergic to Ibuprophen, Amoxacillin, Pennicillin, Topamax, Methentrexate. I'm always very reluctant to start any new medications because medication allergic reactions are a horrible experience.

Right now I'm on Imuran, Plaquenil, Evoxac and I take Tylenol for migraines. I took prednisone for years and the docs are scared to give it to me anymore because of the long-term side effects but it is difficult when you can't take NSAIDS.

I've been on the Imuran (50 mg/day) since the fall. It took a while to tolerate the minimum dose and I had to take Zofran for nausea every night. Because of this my rheumy decided to keep me on the minimum dose longer even though the med just makes me more tired and nauseous: helps nothing that I can tell. Did anyone else go through this with Imuran?