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    Default neuropsychiatric lupus

    Hello, this is my first time posting.

    I have numerous CNS symptoms including 4 episodes of numbness (including one confirmed episode of transverse myelitis), migraines with aura only, possible seizure activity, cognitive dysfunction (including trouble with word finding and being "absent minded" - my mom found my cheese in my cupboard just yesterday), 2 hour episode of stroke-like symptoms, episodes of depression and anxiety, as well as several episodes of visual disturbances.

    Tests results include

    Labs: positive ANA 1:640 centromere and speckled patterns (all other lupus tests negative), false positive syphilis test during episode of transverse myelitis, low platelets, borderline low aptt

    MRI: Lesion on spinal cord (brain has no lesions so neurologist does not believe symptoms are because of MS)

    Spinal Tap: 3 oliglioclonal bands, increased IgG synthesis

    EEG: Slightly abnormal with 2 sharp increases in brain activity during hyperventilation

    Neurologist says it is clinically possible MS but strongly feels it is autoimmune related. Rheumatologist told me today that I have limited scleroderma and that accounts for both patterns of ANA and said neuropsychiatric lupus is not a possibility because my anti DNS ds and Anti ribosomal (?) were negative. I just had a spinal tap done in October but the tests that would have confirmed Lupus were not done. Rheumatologist wouldn't consider doing a second to give me definite answers. I am so frustrated!

    Everything I read states a diagnosis of lupus can be made on symptoms and positive ANA alone, that a positive anti DNA DS is only there in about 50-75 % of cases and anti ribosomal (?) is present when there is psychosis (which I do not have). I am definitely going to get a second opinion but I just want to gain as much knowledge as I can and getting into someone new is going to take so long... After reading about neuropsychiatric lupus, I feel it can connect so many dots that MS and other disorders cannot. Has anyone had a lupus diagnosis with only the positive ANA and symptoms?

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