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    Default are you enough

    I found an article in a local website that I thought worth sharing. it is from our local supermarket "coles". they have a website where normal shoppers can comment on the products available.

    Hi Circlers,

    Today, we wanted to share something a little different with you guys. Something that we find is important and we found this a rather interesting read and hope you do to! Myrko Thum has been in the field personal development for over 10 years. He is the founder and author of the Personal Development site, which offers hundreds of in-depth Personal Development insights.
    So today we wanted to share one of his articles and we hope you enjoy reading it as much as we did!

    You Are Enough.
    written by Myrko Thum

    One of the many good suggestions I got from you as a reply to my last newsletter was the topic of not feeling worthy enough. So I thought Iíll take the topic of worthiness and show that at the core, which is what matters, you are 100% worthy of everything you can dream of.
    The feeling of not being good enough or even inadequate can act as a very self-limiting belief, which would be like a self-fulfilling prophecy: It (you) will always get in your own way. On the other side, knowing that you are enough for what you want in your life is as important for your success as it could get.

    You Are Already Perfect on the Inside.

    At the core, we are all equal. Nobody is more worthy than somebody else. This is the truth.
    Only when you realize that you are already perfect at you core, you are really able to shine with 100% authenticity. The real you. Not some kind of mask you are wearing, the role you are playing, or your try at being how you are supposed to be. Thatís not necessary. And most of the time, people who care, would like to see the real you anyway.

    Thatís no invitation to stop working on yourself or to show your worst side unrestrained. Thatís not what I mean. With trusting that at your core you are perfect, you just know that there is nothing wrong with you, you are good enough. Of course, on the outside you can improve your skills, but you donít have to identify yourself over them.

    Stop Comparing and Start Going Your Way.

    After all, comparing and copying is an awful waste of your time. While you are trying to be as somebody else (a so-called celebrity?), fit in with a certain group or fulfill the attributes of a role you play, you miss out on being the real you. You not only waste your time at the moment, you will also need some time to forget all the wrong mind programming of how you should be.

    Trusting your inner self is the best thing you can do. You donít need evidence or justification to trust yourself. You just do it. Only then you get the opportunity to let your inner beauty shine through. That way you are in harmony on the inside and with what you reflect to the outside.

    Forget About Worthiness.

    One very deliberating way is to totally forget about the question of ďAm I good enough?Ē

    Just be.

    Most of the time that question doesnít matter at all, and you are the only one asking it.

    By stop thinking about it, you can focus your energies on what is really present in front of you and over time you will feel worthy naturally, by just being you and being present.

    Re-Interpreting What Happens

    The situation is always neutral.

    You always have the choice how you will re-interprete it in your mind. The meaning is up to you! Was it a valuable learning experience on your way to your goal, or did it mean that itís all over now?

    Sometimes this can be a challenge, especially when the society around you differentiates people on superficial levels.

    Here is the antidote to that:

    Just donít go with it; in your head. Nobody can drag you down without your permission. And nobody has the right to do that.

    If there is someone who tries to make you feel unworthy as a human being, just disapprove of that behaviour. You know that at the core you are as worthy as you could be, as anybody could be.

    If there is something that you still donít know, just learn it. If there is something you donít have, it doesnít matter. Your core value is not diminished by that.


    To come from the standpoint of equality has a much higher moral value and shows a strong and admirable character. You can be proud of that.

    Of course there are differences on external things. When you lose a game your opponent was better than you, in playing the game. But your real value as a human being and your worthiness stays untouched and is the same for both players.

    And I tell you what I personally think: Anybody who shows in his actions that he doesnít believe in equality shows a poorness of character.
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