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Thread: skin cancer and lupus

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    Default skin cancer and lupus

    i have spent a fair amount of time trying to get reliable information on this.

    doctors agree that our medication has no bearing increasing the risk of organ cancers.
    and they also agree that our healthier lifestyle, (better eating habits and excercise), actually reduce our overall chance of cancer.

    but no-one will talk about soft tissue and skin cancers specifically.

    today i had 2 suspect spots removed.
    one is an active cancer, it is located on the back of my leg, high up on my thigh.
    this is an area that does not get any sunshine. I rarely wear shorts, and even then this area is above my short line.

    i also know of a few female members who have unfortunatelly had suspect lumps also.

    my thoughts are that our medication does actually increase our risk.
    my reasoning is that :
    when we take our medication, we reduce our immune system.
    when we are inbetween medication doses, our immune system tries to go into overdrive.

    this constant overload and underload causes chaos within our bodies.

    i have spoken to a skin specialist (who specialises in skin cancers)
    he also knows me personally, and knows of my lupus.
    his thought is my idea is sound.... but there is no studies so-far to test this type of reaction to our medications.

    it is believed to be a link between strong doses of plaquenil, (much more than we take), and cancers.
    but once again there is no positive study for this either.

    the main reason i am discussing this is.....................
    please examine your own bodies.
    if you find anything suspect.... seek medical advise.
    just because an area is not exposed to the sun, it is not safe from skin cancers.
    just because a mamogram does not find a lump, it does not mean you can stop self examination.
    males see your doctor about a blood test for prostrate cancer. (this cancer kills many males, but if detected is one of the easiest to cure).

    we need to be aware that we may be at increased risk.
    and check ourselves regularly.
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