The first quarter of 2013 has barely ended and much of it was spent dealing with various medical and dental issues. 2 off the issues being cancer scares. Thankfully, they were just scares and not the real deal. However in what I consider to be one of the strangest and twisted ironies of my life, on April 5 I discovered my best friend, my dog Kya at the tender age of 5, had incurable CANCER. It was a fast and very aggressive type. She was forming new tumors all over her body every day. She lost 2 pounds overnight. On Friday morning, before the cancer had a chance to cause her horrendous suffering, I took her to the vet for one last time. She is now at peace. I'm still in shock over her sudden passing and the irony that KYA had cancer while I dodged the bullet twice just makes it all the more difficult to comprehend.