Hi! I'm Tiffany And I Am A 25 Year Old Mother Of A Beautiful 2 1/2 Baby Girl And Wife Of The Most Amazing Man. I Was Recently Diagnosed With Lupus And It Scared Me To Death. I Have A Cousin That Is Only A Few Months Older Than Me That Lives Next Door So We've Grown Up Together Anywhos She Was Diagnosed With Lupus About 15 Years Ago She Is Now A 26 Year Old Mother Of A 4 Year Old Little Girl and Is In Renal Failure She Has Been On Dialysis For Almost 2 Years Now... Her Older Sister Is The Perfect Match For Her And Was Going To Give Her A Kidney Until The Doctors Found A Blood Clot In Her Heart. When The Doctor Diagnosed Me I Told Him I Was Diagnosed With RheumatoidAl Arthiritis When I Was 10 He Thinks I Was Misdiagnosed Because My Rheumatoid Factor Came .Back Normal. He Adlai Decided To Check My Heart And Found Out That I Have A Valve That Is Leaking. It Really Scares Me Especially Since I Have My Baby Girl... I Have To Get Her Tested Soon To See If She Also Has It. I Haven't Told Many People About My Diagnosis Because I Don't Want Them To Treat Me Any Different. I Work Full Time As A Pharmacy Tech And On On My Feet 8 Plus Hours A Day. My Friends Think On Lazy Becaus On Always Hurting And On Always Tired... I Just Wish They Could Understand.Im Hoping I Could Meet A Friend On Here That Feels The Same Way.