Hi all I am Maddie (34).. Married with 3 beautiful kids and working full time outside of the home (yah just a bit of stress there).

Anyway, I am not dx with Lupus, but my PCP does suspect it based on my facial rash and some other symptoms. I am not sure the other symptoms are lupus.. or just the "norm" for me -- the only one that has me slightly on edge is elevated creatinine levels in my urine. Anyway, he did do a ANA test in January (when I visited him bc of some tingling in my scalp and he noticed the facial rash -- I flush easily so my cheeks being slightly red, seemed normal) it came back negative. But since the rash seems to be getting worse.. so I went back. He is now treating me with antibiotics (basically as if the rash is Rosacea) and I have a followup with him in May.. I presume to see if the rash has gone away or stayed.

Thanks for reading and I hope you're all doing well.