Things are going well, but my Rheum is not yet ready to give up on getting some of my hearing back in my right ear (I went almost totally deaf on that side last April due to autoimmune inner ear disease). I had a checkup yesterday and he decided to put me on another blast of prednisone to see if we can nudge it at all.

So...18 days of 60mg, then titrate down over the next month. We'll do an audiogram again in 2 weeks to see if anything is changing.

I don't know whether to hope for something (I am pessimistic) or just to enjoy being pain-free for the next month, LOL...I already have all my house and garden projects lined up - I am one of those people who react to steroids like they're cocaine - I feel great, I have tons of energy, and life is good - until I have to wean off it. :-p

What a flippin' rollercoaster this stuff is....