I have had that happen twice within the last two weeks.My tounge goes numb and then that taste comes and it usually lasts for about 30minutes. We were eating bar-b-que ribs and everyone was saying how spicey they were and I couldn't taste anything.My son couldn't eat his food because of the spice and my sister nose was even running because.My husband told us that he thought it was hot too.I was starting to be concerned when he said that because he eats peppers all the time and never says anything.I went and looked in the mirror and my tounge was red as could be, but I couldn't taste a thing and then a metallic taste came in my mouth.I could taste that. I not sure what it could be.The time after that I was eating a hamburger. I don't know whether to be concerned or not ???? Anyone that has had that has any clue why please reply.