Hello all,

First time poster here. My wonderful mom (51 y/o) was diagnosed a couple of years ago. She's been through a lot: heart issues, breast cancer, almost constant upper respiratory issues. She has a lot of joint pain and gets lots of infections. She is really, really tough, but she's getting really discouraged.

It's awful to see the pain on her face and know there is nothing I can do besides try to bring her spirits up. She's a teacher and loves her job, and does not want to/cannot afford to give that up. Unfortunately, this also means she is stressed a lot, doesn't get much sleep (insomnia doesn't help either), and can't find time to get the help and support she needs.

Here's my take on it so far:

-treatment: I've been told that the right doctor/team of doctors helps a lot, but she's having a hard time seeking this out. We live in the greater Boston area. Any suggestions on going about this?

-diet: I'm told diet can be a huge factor in reducing inflammation. My mom considers herself a pretty holistic person, and generally eats pretty healthy, but still eats a lot of processed foods. Every time I suggest cutting out the cereal, crackers, etc. she gets really defensive, even if I'm just offering whole-food alternatives. Any suggestions on how to approach this with her?

-I'm also concerned that she's getting depressed. I can't imagine how frustrating a demoralizing it is to live with this disease, and I try to be as supportive as I can, as does my dad, but I feel like I could do more. Any advice would be really appreciated.

Sorry to be so long-winded, and thanks in advance.