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Thread: Itchy skin rashes

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    Default Itchy skin rashes

    Hey guys, I was just wondering if any of you have any home remedies or suggestions to what i should buy to help soothe the itchiness that i'm starting to have from the rashes the lupus is causing. Perhaps a lotion or an herb that i can rub on my skin so that I'm not constantly scratching it and hopefully relieve the itch.

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    I don't have any medical license to be doling out advice on this one but I will say that hydrocortisone cream works for me to at least relieve the itching for 12 hours or so. Cold compresses and NSAIDS can help as well.

    Of course, the best treatment when my skin starts to flare is steroids but I try to avoid taking them unless the flare gets bad.

    Hope this helps!
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