I am a newly diagnosed Lupus(SLE) patient and I'm starting to have frustration trying to cope with the symptoms that are tagging along with this. It's not as terrible as it was in the beginning when the pain was at its highest, but now that the rest of the symptoms are starting to spring up its making me feel really angry and upset inside. A few days ago i was suffering from swollen and puffy fingers that made it hard for me to do things i enjoy like writing and typing on the computer and playing video games. I was able to to cope with it at a normal mood because it honestly wasn't that painful, it was just frustrating. Now i'm starting to feel an extreme stiffness in both my legs and also a heavy weight in the them whenever i try to walk and it's really really annoying. I just wanted to do this little rant because this is a place where people will understand the frustration that i'm going through right now. I'm trying to find ways to calm myself down by listening to music and it's working a little bit, but the emotions are still there. it's just really hard.