Had my CT angiogram this morning, of course they had loads of trouble starting the IV with my needle shy veins. They ended up using an ultra sound machine to find a vein. The docs should hopefully have the results by Monday they said. I won't hold my breathe. Wednesday I go for a breathing test. I think it measures oxygen levels. Found out today that menthol cough drops aren't good for acid reflex. Dang I've been living on them. Who knew???

Want to laugh, my Parkinson's is more active because I have to use an inhaler. I'm really staining a lot of tops with food stains that aren't coming out. I'll need a whole new wardrobe before this is over.

Well, I am surviving with pulled muscles and leaky bladder and all the mess that goes with constant coughing. My voice is rapidly disappearing and I've had to stop singing. Think of me and I'll update again next week after I know more.