OK, is it just me or are all rheumatologists total nutballs?! I am trying to find out what is going on with me -- after years of being told I have a REALLY bad case of fibromyalgia and a @#$%load of arthritis, now I have learned from my neurologist (who is my godsend and the only doctor I have found so far that I trust) that I have labwork that indicates I may have SLE. I have no trouble believing it, looking at the symptoms it makes total sense, and I have never totally bought into the fibro diagnosis, as I have just been sooooo sick for so long, and in ways that go beyond the usual symptoms of fibro.
So I went to yet another rheumy, as in the process of getting the fibro diagnosis I went through three of them, with each more annoying and dismissive than the last, and this new guy is the worst yet!! Luckily I had my daughter with me for a witness -- when we walked out she said she wouldn't go back to him for anything in the world! I did get some gratification - went to my neurologist last week, and he tried to make excuses for the new rheumy when I said what a freak the guy was. While I waited he got the rheumy his office notes from my visit, and when they finally came, after it took them 2 hours to fax them, my dr came in and tossed them on the counter in complete disgust, proclaiming them to be useless senseless drivel!! Sometimes the Universe sends you a little tidbit to make the hard parts almost worth it! :lol:
Anyway, is there anyone out there who can either recommend a good rheumy in VA anywhere from Richmond to VA Beach?? Or alternatively, is there anyone who knows of a way I can research and find out where I can find a good rheumy...I have looked at sites for the Arthritis Fn. as well as the Lupus Assn and they have lists of all the rheumies, but no way to find out who is any good!! I am about at the end of my rope -- I would just forget about it and go on with the same meds I have been taking for the arthritis/fibro, but if I really DO have lupus, there are other meds that could maybe help me improve some, instead of just treating the symptoms as I have been doing. Why is this soooooo hard!!???
I'm sorry to have gone on so long -- I have noone to talk to about this, so I am glad to have found you guys! Thanks for listening to me rant (that was just the tip of the rant-iceburg, believe me!) and thanks in advance for any help or suggestions anyone has for me!!

Peace and happy days to all of you....