I'm currently battling pneumonia and next week I'm having a biopsy on a nodule on my thyroid. To be honest with ya, the pneumonia is kicking my behind! I get winded from washing dishes.

Anyhow, ironically, I've started the new year on a health kick. I'm big into juicing, have eliminated a lot of the processed foods and sugar (alot, not all as doughnuts are such sirens...). Organic as much as possible and grass fed beef and totally organic or forget it chicken and eggs. Well even though I seem to be falling apart ( Patsy Cline's "I Fall to Pieces" should be my current theme song), I've noticed something. Enter the elephant in the living room:

Even though I'm getting pummeled by the pneumonia and I have problems because of the nodule (swallowing, gravely voice), I am not mired down by feeling lousy from being unhealthy. Does that make sense?

Yarn analogy: I couldn't really notice the yarn tangles of the pneumonia and thyroid issues very well because they were entangled in the yarn messes of general poor health. But now that I am eating and drinking so much better quality food, the general malaise of poor health is gone and I can see the tangles of the pneumonia and thyroid.

I still feel lousy, but it is a better quality of lousy if that makes any sense.