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Thread: Dermatologist Appt Today

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    Default Dermatologist Appt Today

    I had my dermatologist appt today. I have never seen one before and she seemed really interested in the rash on my chest, neck, and back. It is not very prominent unless you are really looking for it and it is quite interesting and hard to describe. This is what she said, "Oh, I see it! That IS odd! What is it?"

    I laughed. That's why I'm here. So she biopsied it and gave me some cream for the itchiness I have all over. The results will be in a week from today. I am the most impatient person when it comes to things like this.

    So when I got home (2 hour drive.) I checked my chart online. This is what it said: neoplasm of uncertain behavior of skin-primary, contact dermatitis and other eczema due to unspecified cause. Does this just mean she has no earthly clue until the biopsy results come back? Anyone have any input would be appreciated? Thanks!

    P.S. The Dermatologist was recommended by my Rheumy and are in the same gigantic building. He tried to get me in closer to home but they were booked until the end of April and "that was unacceptable."

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    Yeah, that basically means you have something pissing your skin off, but she doesn't have any idea what it actually is or what is causing it. That's about the same reaction my dermatologist has had to my skin issues, but when she biopsied it, it showed a type of inflammation characteristic of autoimmune disease.

    So I know it's a pain to wait, but hopefully the biopsy will provide useful information. Derm biopsies can show interesting stuff.

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