hi everyone!! my name is cecee and im 21. i was diagnosed with lupus when i was 13. i had a normal childhood and was a very active child. out of the blue i just started feeling tired everyday, had fevers of 103 constantly, loss of appetite, the butterfly rash, joint pain, the works!! i would come home at lunch or earlier than that because i was just too sick to continue. my grandma suspected i had lupus,because my mom had lupus when she was 16. she took me to the doctors, but they wouldnt listen. i was being misdiagnosed as having the measels, mono, making myself ill, and from even having an STD!! let alone i was only 13 and NOT sexual at all!!! my grandma got fed up as everyday i became sicker and sicker. Finally my neighbor suggested i see her family doctor. I am still blessed today that she was my neighbor at that time. So we head to her doctor and right away he knows that i am severly sick. he agrees with my gma that it was a possibility that i could have lupus on account of my mom. He sends me up to Pitt Memorial that same day. I was there for two weeks until they told us that i indeed had lupus. I was happy and sad at the same time. Happy because i was finally diagnosed and sad because i would have this illness for the rest of my life. I was started right away on prednisone and went home after being supplied with other meds. I was too sick to go to school, i only went to school to take my end of grade tests and would head straight home. i passed to go to high school but did not attend my graduation because i was still too weak. As years went on i became increasingly sicker. I was resiliant to many drugs. I suffered from severe constipation, nephritis, arthritis, etc. Because i was on steriods for a long time, my hip bones began to break down. I ended up having hip surgery in 2005 at age 15. Although i was cconstantly sick, i always made sure i passed all my classes and worked hard. Now i am 21 years old!! i was in school to become a nurse, but unfortunately lupus decided to change my course of work. I suffered from nerve damage in both legs and had to get my right toes amputated because of poor circulation in my legs and feet. I had to drop out of college so i could recover. Im still out of school because i recently found out that my lower spine was breaking down also. I am still determined to get my degree in the medical field though. if i cannot go back to school i will study online classes for when i do return to school. Over the years i have lost many friends because they were too uncomfortable to try and understand what i was going through. Some people have gone as far as saying that i wasnt even ill and just wanted attention!! i just simply inform them of my illness and walk away. I am lucky that i have a few friends who still love me for me and my sister and family to support me