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    Smile welcome all new members

    to all new members welcome whl family i am sorry i have not been on line much to greet you all personally. even though i am glad to get to know you i wish it was under better circumstances my name is kim and i am from hervey bay qld originally from sydney just moved few months ago i was diagnosed with sle 5 years ago but rheumi says have had it since child hood. this is a wonderful site with wonderful people . they are my second family they have got me through some good and bad times. we are here for you . one of us is online most of the time to answer your questions. please tell us about you in our newly diagnosed section and feel free to post in our lounge. hope you are all doing okay luv to all kim

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    Nicely said Kim! I too am not on much these days BUT I DO THINK of my WHL FAMILY EVERY DAY! I also WELCOME ALL new members! This IS a GREAT site for support not just for our illnesses but any other "ooky" happenings in our lives. GOTTA LOVE our LUPUS FAMILY!!!!
    WOO HOO to THAT!!!

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