Greeting's Friends, My story is a very long story.I will hit the main points. Right now I use Albutorol, Xanax for "Anxiety and Asma" I've been looking at the signs of Lupus and am shocked, I have alot of these symptoms, but no one ever checked for this Condition. So are they just a bunch of Jughead's at the Clinic? Along time ago , I was Diagnosed with Guillain-Barre syndrome , and always had breathing issues, Albutorol does nothing, and Xanax just keeps me in a perpetual state of Anxiety, but I will die if they cut me off of this drug!!! , a couple times, I have had to get Anti-biotics for lung pain. Also I often have weird heart beats, small skin rash on my nose or cheek, my mouth bleeds when I brush my teeth, some kind of allergic thing where I sneeze 15 or 20 times at a shot, and for some reason Alchohol helps my breathing improve, the medical people I have seen look at me like I'm from Mars, that Alchohol helps my breathing ???, but it does