I was diagnosed with Lupus Erthematosus about 10 yrs ago following skin biopsy of inflammations on my arm.
I do not want to sound like a hypochondriac as i just get on with life and hold down a job. I even use the gym and swim 3 times per week. It just gets me down sometimes

I do however seem to have lots of conditions and not sure if they are linked.
My conditions are:
- Migraine - having bouts 1 or 2 times every week - for which i take Naramig
- Stomach problems (wheat intolerance - not coeliac, IBS, constipation and i had a bout of duodenitis) for which i have a reduced wheat diet and take mebererine
- arthritic joints - fingers, neck, back - for which i take 10mg of Amitriptyline each evening
- gingivitis despite a very thorough dental regime of cleaning, flossing and using an interdental water jet
- Lichen Planus in my gums - although not had any further eruptions in last few years
- cramps in my feet - currently trying magnesium and calcium tablets - and these occur daily and interrupt my gym/swim sessions
- high blood pressure - for which i take atenolol 10mg
- Cold sores
- Lethargy / tiredness and yet still always been a poor sleeper

Does anyone else have these conditions? If so, have you found anything that helps