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Thread: How long till you feel better??

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    You are in a big flare and they suck. There may be other issues going on too. I agree about calling the doc. One on the things I noticed is that you are on humera. If there is any kind on infection going on or if you happen to have a cold/flu you have to stop that drug because it lowers your immune system and can make it worse. It's one reason you have to be so careful about staying away from sick people when taking MTX. humera and those kinds of drugs.

    PLEASE talk to your doctor soon. It is very important!

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    Thank you.. And yes the Imuran has already after only 1 week made my labs below normal for my RBC, Hct, lymphocytes and monocytes.. A few things were higher than normal, but honestly I haven't been back to the dr yet so I don't know what any of that means. This is just my copy. I'll see him on Thursday tho.
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