Hi folks. Tapping into WHL's collective wisdom here to ask what you do for Raynaud's phenomenon on one's toes. I have never had Raynaud's in my hands, despite doctors insisting that I must have it because my nailfold capillaries are so out of whack. But recently, I noticed I had chilblains on a few on my toes. But, I don't often look at my feet, so it was just recently that I noticed my toes and part of my food are often either completely white or sort of purply-blue. I assume this is Raynaud's.

I am going to talk to my doctors about this, but I am curious what those of you with Raynaud's do as home treatment or prevention. I already wear warm, wooly socks, but my toes are blue almost all day! I feel like this can't be good for them, so I'm curious what you all do for Raynaud's prevention, especially in your feet.