Hello again. Here I am with more questions. Petechia is what finally made me go to the dr. I get it on my hip mostly my right hip but also under my arms and lower back. When it first started it was just on the right hip and an area about the size of my hand. Sometimes a bunch of little spots sometimes much larger maybe the size of a quarter. I was started on plaquinel. 8 months ago. It didn't improve much but after a few months it lessened a bit. Cellcept was added. I woke this morning with petechia all over my hip again.

I have never gotten a definite answer to why. Just lupus. Is it because its not under control? I'm confused. I have been struggling a bit with my blood pressure it's down some since starting the lisinapril but still too high. I see the dr next week. Average 120/95. Could it be due to that? It's just so unnerving to me to see it. I have had a few pop up under my arms but thought it was getting better until this morning. The weird thing is its always the same place on my hip. You can see scars where they have biopsied and its always in the same area.

Frustrated at the amount of poison I put into my body everyday and its not doing anything. I do understand the benefit out weighs the risk . I guess I thought the pills would make feel normal. No joint pain no headaches no fatigue you get the idea. I just want it to go away.