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Thread: Splenda aka aspartame and lupus

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    Default Splenda aka aspartame and lupus

    Has anyone done any research on this. One of my friends?.... Not sure who posted an article on Facebook saying that flares are made worse by the use of this artificial sweetener. I' m curious if any one has hear this elsewhere. In the article this woman stated her tremors (MS) stopped within days of stopping use. I fund this hard to believe.

    Let me know what you think,!

    Thanks all

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    I have heard that before, that it could make lupus symptoms worse.
    I don't eat or drink anything with artificial sweeteners,not just because of the Lupus, but I think it is really bad for anybody.
    Cane Sugar or even corn sugar are much better ( in moderation) because they are natural.

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    We actually just deleted a thread about this very topic because it is something that is going around but is in no way confirmed or even suggested by the LFA Dr.'s and researchers. The only thing known to make Lupus worse is alfalfa sprouts, and possibly garlic. Other than that it is simply things that are being studied and/or scare tactics which are not discussed on WHL.

    We try to stay away from diet talk because everyone has such different views and beliefs on what is good and bad. The only things we actually discuss are what are proven and accepted by the Lupus Foundation of America.
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