Ok so I've been on prednisone for 5 days now only had a 7 day supply but 1st 2 days were rough mental roidish way but everything was great. Inflammation down etc, in fact , I havent felt this good for years. So the last 3 days were great, I busted my butt at work, felt good etc , was able to work hard for once ( I work at Walmart Deli, unpaid, understaffed yada yada you got the drift) Anyway I wear contacts for my vision , Im nearsighted but I dont sleep in them and I take care of my eyes as best I know, well Im in my car and I start feeling like something is in my eye it hurts, almost between my contact and eye or i thought my contact ripped and scratched it. But I get home and nothing so I take contact out and leave it out but my eye has a weird sensation to it. Then like apressure of a sort behind my left eye, then within 15 minutes it goes between the eyes then the right eye as well, at this point something odd is happening, they just all the sudden feel buggy, then when I put my hands over them they felt goofy, To the bathroom again, I swear my eyes are pushed out of my socket or something further, than they usually are, I have a headache bad, also my friggin vision is messed up , I can't see up close let alone that everything is oddly blurry and the light hurts so bad. Im confused and scared ... (Mainly cause I almost did die 1 time bad situation), but not for here, however that gives me anxiety about bad things happening to me. So anyway, now I still feel the ache of eyes, even this pc screen is killing my eyes, I can't look up at it. I swear and I know Im not crazy , but forehead, temples etc are swelled, My ears have been ringing for the last 2 hours and I had some weird chlorine pool water taste in my mouth after I inhaled a sniffle. The base of my neck hurts as well as my neck. Im feeling awfully tired n weak, like my legs and arms(Ive had for a while almost like Ive been lifting weights and Im on my last few reps of my 3rd set and my body says NO) I just feel unnormal and I can't figure why .Now, Ive been a Migraine sufferer for years and this is different, my actual physical eyeballs feel weird like nowmy eyelid just started feeling like theres something stuck between it and my eye....but theres nothing.. Im just like dumbfounded and its midnight...I tried google searches but Im not getting anywhere,l like I guess I wonder could this be something Important I shouldnt just sleep off..Oh IDK... ANy advice is GREAT