Hello! I am new here and I have had health issues for years (I am 41 yrs old)- but always thought they were just odd, random things. To be honest I felt like a hypochondriac when I listed everything I had, so I tended to never follow up on anything, and to not focus on my varying problems. But with my latest symptom being severe Raynauds phenomenon (with ulcers of my toes from it) I couldn't ignore it anymore and with urging from my husband I went to my GP who ran an ANA test, which came back positive 1:640 centromere pattern. She gave me a referral to a Rheumotologist.

I went to the Rheumotologist yesterday and she was very thorough, spending over an hour with me. She diagnosed me with a connective tissue disease based on my Raynauds, positive ANA, history of low white cells and platelets and joint pain. She also took a ton of blood to look for more specific markers of Lupus or Scelerderma and so I am waiting on those results. She said I have a CT disease, but did not know which one. My symptoms point to Lupus, but she said the centromere pattern of my ANA points more to Scleroderma. Some of my other symptoms I have had are transient elevated liver enzymes, osteopenia, hypothyroidism, debilitating migraines and a history of pre ecplampsia and HELLP syndrome during pregnancies.

My question is- do any of you have experience with this centromere pattern? Does the ANA pattern hold a lot of weight with the diagnosis? Can it change over time?

Also can "normal" people have 1:640 ANA's? Is this considered a low postive or high positive?

Thank you for any input!! I appreciate it! ☺