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Thread: Methotrexate and cancer risk

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    Unhappy Methotrexate and cancer risk

    My apologies for not having full info but can any of you tell me if MTX increases your risk of cancer or certain kinds of cancer?

    If you have a family history of cancers as in parent/sibling/Great grandmother, is the risk increased by taking MTX?

    Thank you in advance xxxx
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    While there is a slight increase in risk the risk of what Unchecked Lupus can do to your body is much greater. I take MTX and I am not going to say I don't think of this from time to time however I also have Lupus that was allowed to go unmanaged and basically destroy much of my system. The maybe of the MTX is much less then the almost certainty of what the known disease does

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    the risk iscreased , as you increase the mtx dosage.

    at the rates we take usally up to 25mg per week,........
    i have been led to believe the risk is very slight.

    of course no one is game to say there is no risk.
    as any chemical can cause cancer as a side effect.

    mtx is a chemical poison...
    and i take it because the benifit outways the risks.

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    At my last appointment, I asked the same question - my Rheumatologist (who is also a researcher) said that actually a big, peer-reviewed study just came out that seems to indicate the OPPOSITE is true - that overall, people on Mtx for Rheumatological conditions tend to have LONGER and HEALTHIER lifespans than those who are not on the drug....and this is looking at conditions other than the diseases it was prescribed for.

    Seems like keeping inflammation down reduces the risk of all sorts of things like cancers, heart disease, even though the risk of certain KINDS of cancers are slightly elevated, the OVERALL risk of death goes down enough to statistically LENGTHEN your lifespan when you are on mtx.

    And my understanding (which may be wrong) is that the cancers with elevated risk are easily detected in an early stage, and that is part of what they monitor us for with the quarterly blood draws.

    I am choosing to believe this research since I have to be on the dang stuff anyway, and it DOES make me feel a LOT better... :-P

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