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Thread: 9 years of IBS/Diarrhea fix in 1 day

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    Default 9 years of IBS/Diarrhea fix in 1 day

    Hello my friends,

    I have no idea how many times we have discussed the whole chronic diarrhea issue (for me it was between 8-20 times a day). My life revolved around it. within 15 min of drinking anything or eating anything I was running to the bathroom. There was no eating in a car. When I walked into a restaurant to eat I instantly located the restroom because I knew that once I had to go I would not have time to figure out where it was. I will now admit that at least weekly I didn't make it to the restroom. It was beyond humiliating and I kept getting different answers for the problem but for the first 7 years or so no one really seemed to care. I did finally have a doctor give me medicine to take when I was having severe cramps or for the severe days (over 12 times) but it was simply a band aide on the problem. I thought I was going to have to live like this forever.

    I know by the discussions on here that many of you have the same issue and I need to tell you what happened to me this week. I went to my GI doctor to get the results of my endoscopy and colonoscopy which were better than they thought (they were afraid I had Crohn's), Although there were some issue that we need to deal the doctor said "I know you have IBS but have you had your gallbladder removed?". I said yes and he asked if I had been put on Welchol. My answer was no and I had never even heard of it. He then said he was going to put me on it and see if it helped and for me to come back in a month.

    This is actually a cholesterol medicine and it also works to lower blood sugar. It is not absorbed by the body and it is a binding agent and apparently many times after people have their gallbladders are removed or in my instance, before it is removed when it begins to not work correctly, there can become an issue with the bile production and the binding. Often times this medicine will correct that issue.

    My appointment was Monday afternoon. I took the medicine Monday night. Since mine is severe I take 3 tablets twice a day with meals and I have not had the big D since. I HAVE MY LIFE BACK. It is amazing to me that in 9+ years no one thought to try this medicine. They let me suffer for years.

    Anyway, the reason for the post is that if you have the cramping/diarrhea issue and have had your gallbladder taken out talk to your doctor about Welchol. It has changed my life. It is not perfect but compared to what my life has been like it is improved by 1 million percent!
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