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Thread: Plaquenil and the flu season?

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    Default Plaquenil and the flu season?

    This is my first cold/flu season after starting Plaquenil and it's been a doozy. So far I'm going on my fourth week of being sick, having had bad colds/flus that have stacked right on top of each other with a minor flare or two thrown in for funsies. I'm wondering if this is partly due to the Plaquenil because I've never had a flu season like this before.

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    Plaq is not known to lower your immune response it is mainly given to help with fatigue,rashes and joint issues.

    Perhaps you have been in the Dr's offices more this season?or pharmacy?And this yr has been really really bad with colds,flus and general illness.

    Hope you feel better soon.

    I too have had a tougher than normal time this year but I am not on Plaq but Aralen(Kind of in the same family)
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    May be too late for it this year, but next year, ask your doctor about getting a flu shot. I am on Plaquenil, got a flu shot (killed virus shot, not live virus nasal spray), and have not had any sign of flu all season.

    For those of us who are chronically ill, and who can get a flu shot (some people on stronger immunosuppressants can't), should get one. Getting sick can wreak all kind of havoc on our bodies that wouldn't happen to folks without autoimmune disease.

    Sorry you have been feeling bad.

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    You have received great information. If you were on methotrexate or one of the other immunosupressive drugs it would be an issue but it sounds like you have that same nasty virus everyone around here has. They say it hangs on for weeks and weeks. I have basically been at home staying away from everyone due to flares and because I am more susceptible due to my meds.

    good luck getting over this one! Hope it ends soon

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    I got the flu first thing in November. Didnt even have time to think about getting a flu shot! Decided to actually take care of myself this year and went to the dr after being sick for just a few days. Prescribed tamiflu, which knocked it out pretty good. Was able to get back to work after a week with no reoccurrence.

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