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Thread: The longest headache ever and it's getting me down

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    I have Sjogrens and take MTX injection, plaquenil and preds 5mg and although my saliva and dryness has improved greatly on the MTX, my hair is still falling out (was prior to mtx) and now for the past month on/off I have had a headache that doesnt respond to normal medication.

    I have had my blood test - but what I want to know is can you get headaches with Sjogrens? This is a weird kind of headache that hurts when I cough or bend down or sneeze or even sit up for too long. I am seeing a physio today for it to check for trigger points and stuff.

    I am also so exhausted, I wake up and struggle to get out of bed and have short bursts of energy but then need to lie down and am in bed early every night now and it's annoying because I dont want to be.

    I know the MTX is working but I also know its being challenged as my lungs still feel a bit dry and if I get sun exposure, my joints swell up.

    Do any of you get headaches, if they are not migraines, what could they be?

    Sorry for the whinge, it's just I was so excited about the MTX helping with dryness and pain and stuff and now this little gem gets thrown at me.
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