I have my dr appt tomorrow to find out of what I have going on is lupus. I am so tired of being told "I don't know what's wrong with you." by drs. Having friends and family doubt me and make comments about me being a hypochondriac. First my history: 27 female. Strict vegetarian the past 7 years. Barely any carbs and no sugar the past year. Would run/ jog three hours every day. Lots of yoga. Overall very healthy. Back in July I had the birth control implant nexplanon. One week later I started bleeding profusely until it was removed dec 6th. My health pretty much went downhill from July on. I was sick every day from July 8th until currently. Picking up every cold my kids brought home. I started noticing bruises and cuts that weren't healing. And crazy mood swings. I gained 15 lbs in 2 months. Developed food allergies
To sugar, flour, and gluten. So I changed my diet to raw vegan. Seemed things were looking up as far as my energy level. Two weeks ago I noticed I was extremely lethargic. My hair has fallen out, id say sbout half. And it is so brittle, and tons of grey hair!? I would wake up with my son, bath and feed him, and spend the rest of the day on the couch or floor falling asleep. No matter how much sleep I got I was always exhausted. Then two days ago, my hands developed this aweful rash. It looks like burns. And the first time I washed my hands my skin literally started tearing in front of me. By the second day my hands were swollen 3 times the regular size covered in this weird rash. Whenever I would touch water it felt as if someone had cut my hands tiny little slits with a razor blade, then soaked in lemon juice, then lit on fire. It was the most horrible pain. My energy level continued to decrease. Even more hair loss. My joints were so swollen and sore, and my muscles were twitching non stop. Went to the ER because the pain was too much, and the dr gave me prednisone and said it was just an allergic reaction. When the swelling went down, my knuckles had these weird big almost fatty bumps on them that we're splitting constantly. My moods har gotten worse. My arms and hands burn and are extremely dry almost like a crocodile type feel. I don't drink caffeine. And drink a ton of water. And everything looks so dehydrated. Please help because I'm going crazy