So recently I've had a flare with my lupus and I was wondering if it could be a result of consuming prawns? I only think this because I've also had smaller but similar flares after eating prawns from Christmas dinners and a couple of family celebrations. I haven't had a history of being allergic to seafood/shellfish in any way but my brother (who doesn't have lupus) is allergic to shellfish and tends to get a rash after eating it.

I've tried to research into this a bit but there hasn't been a lot of information out there. All I could find is that some cultures believe that prawns and other shellfish contain some toxins that could be harmful to sick people.

Anyways I was just wondering, has this happened to anyone else? I'm just a little worried because my prednisone was also decreased by a little before Christmas last year and I'm not sure if it's the decrease in medication or the shellfish that's causing my flare again. Thanks!