I don't know if it's because we're having really cold temps in NorCal and have the heat turned up a bit, or what, but my skin and mouth feel like the Sahara!

I had straight olive oil massaged into my skin--it lapped it up. A few hours later, I was ready for another application. I woke up this morning with my tongue stuck to the roof if my mouth-it hurt!

I was dx'ed with Sjogren's at the same time I received my SLE dx, but I've never been so dry. In fact, I'm not having solid food, only having liquids, because I'm so dry. I'm hoping this doesn't kick start the digestive issues that were flaring for four years (and led to autoimmune dx).

I take Evocax in hopes that it will make things more fluid, so to speak, but I haven't noticed an improvement.

Does amyone else have such extreme dryness? Any suggestions on getting rid of my snake skin and cotton mouth?