So, I went to see my rheumy yesterday and told him how sick ive been, and that my bf was dx with strep throat. Yes i am having typical lupus flare symptoms like lead blanket fatigue and mouth sores, fever, aches and swelling. But im also showing symptoms like caughing and sore throat, major head aches, so is it a flare or am i sick? He didnt even look at me or examine me, just said that i should take prednisone. So i then went to my pcp and he examines me and gives me zpac and tamaflu....but said do not take prednisone as that would make me sicker for now! How do i know what to do? I ended up taking the meds the pcp gave me and today i woke up with migrane and feel like ive been hit by a bus. Im just blown away that my rhuemy didnt check me out.