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Thread: Question for those of you who have had a rheumy appointment

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    Default Question for those of you who have had a rheumy appointment

    I was diagnosed 3 months ago and have my first rheumy appointment-they have told me to bring shorts and a tshirt and to expect to be 4 hours. Is that normal. Heck I have had first dates that lasted less time than that.

    Let me know your experience (and yes I have written down everything that I can remember about my health)


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    I think every Rheumy is a little different - but 4 hours - holy cow! Sounds like you will have lots of testing done and you will get your money's-worth - that's great! Not fun, but good baseline information to have.

    When I was diagnosed, they did a lot of testing - took a ton of blood, urine, did a couple of different kinds of scans of my brain and neck, one of my lungs, x-rayed my lower back, did an ultrasound on my hands, did a bunch of pulmonary tests - I forget what else. I'm sure that the tests they order depend on what your symptoms are and also your medical history.

    Bringing a diary of stuff definitely helps!

    Best of luck...

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    Well, at least he didn't tell you to bring a crash helmet and hip waders-then you'd really be in trouble!

    Seriously, I've had the same request made of me by my neurologist when I had a bunch of nerve conduction/ evoked potentials tests done that required access to my arms and legs, and I was told it would take "a few hours", which it did.

    But I've never heard of a rheumo asking for these things and taking this amount of time. You're lucky to get even 15 minutes with most rheumo's so I would take this as a good sign that you have a thorough specialist willing to take more time than most to get the good baseline information Sleepy mentioned.

    I don't think any of this is a bad thing. Good luck, and let us know how it goes.

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    As much as I can't stand my rheum, she is one of the best in the area at what she does, which is treat lupus lol she runs the lupus clinic at my hospital. She always makes me put on hospital paper shorts when I come instead of wearing them in because her office is too cold. They are probably requesting that because they want to see if you have any rashes, and its easier to move your knees, elbows, and hips to test their mobility if they aren't confined in tight clothing. I get stuck at my appointments that long all the time! Hope your appointment goes well.
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    YEa I have never been told a dress code requirement, though like the first year when I would see her I had to wait like 4 hours just to see her for like 15 minutes.

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    My first couple of rhuemy appointments lasted less than 15 min (and each after lasted about 5). When I finally got one I thought was good it lasted about 1:45 min. I am IMPRESSED with a 4 hour appointment! Looks like someone is really taking this seriously and going to check you out from top to bottom! Good luck and keep us posted!

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