The friday before Christmas, I had to go to see my primary, I had a bad cough. Of course it had turned into Bronchitis. He gave me antibiotics and it got better, within a few days.
The weekend of New Years Eve, I have had alot of pain, joint and muscle pain. I called the Rheumy and he told me to take Prednisone for 7 days, which helped with the pain, but I started to cough again. I was real short of breath.
This last saturday, I had to work from 6am-2pm. As soon as I got out work, I went to a Urgent Care, because I had a hard time breathing, not that I couldn't breathe at all, but it was hard to take a breath. My saturation was at 90 and I received a Nebulizer treatment, it improved my breathing a little and the saturation was at 93. The doctor thinks it might be walking Pneumonia and gave me more Antibiotics, which I will take the last one tomorrow.
I have been home from work since Sunday, but have to go back on Thursday. I feel a little better, but not much. I am still short of breath with very little activity.
My rheumy said that it takes awhile until I will be better and to give it time.
Now I have read that MTX can cause shortness of breath, I haven't been taking it since I got sick, three weeks ago.
I will see my rheumy as soon as I can and tell him that I want to stop MTX all together, since he lowered the dosage because of bad liver tests, it has not helped me whats so ever. So I am thinking, why put this poison in my body, if it doesn't help.
I am thinking to go back on Plaquenil to prevent further damage to my organs and joints, but no more MTX. He told me if the MTX does not help, he would start me on Embrel. I don't want any of that anymore.
Yes I do have alot of pain, but nothing has helped, except when I was on a high dosage of MTX.
I am so sick of all this.
I am not going to do anything without the rheumy's approval, but I don't want that crap in my body anymore.
Still short of breath and having to back to work on Thursday. I could cry.


Sorry for the whining.