Ok, so the new Rheumy ordered a bunch of test for me and here are the results. I think everything is ok, they did not re-run the ANA.

I am only putting the ones that are Low or High etc.. If you would like to know others please just let me know.

HCT 36.5 L normal ranges [36.6-47.7]

ESR 42 H normal ranges [0-20]

c3 146 listed as normal normal range [82-193]
complement c4 listed as normal normal range [15-57]

EBV, IGG AB 4.68 H negative <90

EBV IGM AB < 0.91 Equivocal presence or absence cannot be determined

I know no one here is a dr but just wanted to post how results came back. I see the Rheumy in aprx 2 months so we will see